On Friday 10th November 2023, the staff and children at Drove paid their respects for Remembrance Day.


KS1 and KS2 made a human poppy with Sam and Shanaya beautifully reading "The shall not grow old". We held a 2-minute silence to show our respect and gratitude to the armed forces past and present.


We spend the day immersed in Remembrance Day activities


Nursery - will be making lots of small poppies using different media which will then create a beautiful poppy display

Reception and Year One: will be working together to make paper plate poppy wreaths and lots of little poppies

Year Two : Will create three large acrostic poems for "Remembrance"        

Year Three : Will be making origami paper cranes (Sadako Sasaki - Hiroshima Peace Cranes) and decorated

Year Four : Recreating medals from both World Wars using different medias

Year Five: Will be painting a silhouette picture using watercolours. It will be a solider standing on a hill surrounded by crosses and will have a sunset background..

Year Six: Will be creating a diary entry from the perspective of a WW1 soldier.


The children's work is proudly displayed around the school for everyone to see.