At Drove Primary School, we feel it is very important for children to understand their rights and their responsibilities as members of both the school and the wider community. We have 7 leadership groups covering a wide range of areas at Drove and to ensure all pupils voices are heard, we have one child per year group to be an ambassador for their class/year group. These children are selected by their classmates and teachers and they will represent Drove inside and outside of school whilst upholding our School Values. Our Pupil Voice Ambassadors are expected to exhibit the highest standard of behaviour and attitude, in and out of school, in order to act as role models to the other children in the school.

Pupil Voice meetings are held with adults within the school, to voice their opinions, share ideas and collaborate with each other. We encourage children to become independent thinkers and come up with solutions for their own ideas.

Elections for Pupil Parliament take place at the end of September 2023