Our School Curriculum

At Drove Primary School we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly through a combination of community, experiences, language, and finally, knowledge and skills.

Our 4 Golden Threads are embedded throughout our curriculum to provide our children with the experiences, skills, and knowledge they need to achieve their full potential at Drove.


At Drove Primary School we come together as one family. We have a shared set of values that are embedded within everything we do and ensure we are inclusive for all. We work together collaboratively, support each other, and actively encourage parents to be a part of their children’s learning both in school and at home. We recognise the need to ensure all children at Drove have an awareness of diversity and culture and strive to celebrate this with each other. We ensure that children taking on their learning journey through Drove leave with the skills and knowledge to become citizens in the future.


At Drove we believe happiness is the key to a positive and successful education, as well as encouraging kind and good moral characters. It is important to us that our children, from Nursery to Year 6, are immersed in experiences that are inclusive, meaningful, challenging, and engaging. Every experience will be active and hands-on, stimulating curiosity and questions whilst providing our children with the opportunities to explore their own learning and motivating them to take risks and challenges. Experiences can be seen in many different ways at Drove such as school trips, assemblies, visitors, resources, and experiences within lessons.


At Drove we are proud of the diversity within our school and the richness brought by the variety of languages spoken in our community. The ability to communicate effectively is essential to both building relationships and learning and is a core priority within our school. Challenging texts are shared in lessons and read for pleasure; children’s vocabulary is developed and extended through deliberate teaching and the use of sentence stems to improve the syntax and develop children’s abilities to articulate their ideas; and children are encouraged to share their views and opinions through our Pupil Voice committees. As an inclusive school, we have high aspirations for all our children and provide a range of opportunities and experiences for all children to develop and use an increasing range of vocabulary and sentences effectively.

Knowledge and Skills

Here at Drove Primary School, we believe all our children deserve the opportunity to leave each key stage with the knowledge and skills needed to excel as they move to the next phase of their education. Our curriculum, underpinned by the National Curriculum, is carefully sequenced and progressive giving time to ensure children know more and remember more. We have a focus on providing children, of all abilities and backgrounds, the chance to apply their new learning and take risks to solve challenging problems in all subjects.