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Year 4 Enjoyed Awesome PGL Trip!

3 May 2019
Year 4 Enjoyed Awesome PGL Trip!

Year four had had an awesome week at PGL. From start to finish children were engaged, excited and enthusiastic about all the activities they were doing.

Children definitely pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, especially with rock climbing and abseiling, where there were some very high heights.

One particular favourite activity of PGL for most children was the aero ball, where we played different games in the trampolines and soft balls. By the end of the three days we were there children were exhausted from all the excitement and activities they completed!

PGL is a wonderful experience for children to learn independent life skills in a controlled, relaxed and fun environment.

“I’m really proud I gave everything a go.” Zain H
“I loved the dancing we did by the campfire!” Seren T
“Im so proud I reached the top of the rock climbing and beat my brother!” Sandra K

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