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Thousands sign up to Beat the Street on day of launch

20 September 2018
Thousands sign up to Beat the Street on day of launch

Beat the Street is an initiative from Reading-based Intelligent Health. It is backed by Swindon Borough Council, with funding from Sport England.

Organisers say Beat the Street turns Swindon’s roads, parks and paths into a massive game board.

The game’s beat boxes have been placed on lampposts at roughly half-mile intervals. People have to run, walk or cycle between the boxes, tapping their Beat the Street card against a second box within an hour to earn 10 points.

Schools and sports clubs have signed up to the scheme, hoping to score more points than their rivals and earn vouchers or soft toy prizes for their team.

A class from nearby Drove Road Primary School visited the Civic Offices for the Beat the Street launch.

Layla, 10, said she’d already tried the game with her classmates: “It was actually really fun. We got to experience doing some exercise and exercise is always good. In PE you’re always doing something that you normally do. Beat the Street is something different.” Drove hoped to trounce rivals Mountford Manor in the points tables.

Kelly Reynolds, a sports coach at the primary school, said: “They like a bit of competition and it’s nice to get the families involved. With this, they can do it with nan.”

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