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Taking Part in Fishkeeper Fry 2020

5 February 2020
Taking Part in Fishkeeper Fry 2020

Fishkeeping is an enriching hobby beloved by millions of people in the UK.

We’re delighted to have been selected to take part in Fishkeeper Fry 2020, an initiative that lets us introduce this fantastic pastime to our pupils.

Over the course of eight weeks, pupils in year 3 will be caring for fish in the classroom. During this time, they will learn some of the principles of caring for living things, and will be introduced to the joys and benefits of fishkeeping. Every week we will award one enthusiastic pupil the title ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’.

The children have already set up the aquarium, making sure that all the parts are clean and that the water is safe for our fish. We’re sure our pupils will put their heart and sole into the task of caring for the fish every day.

As part of the initiative, equipment and materials have kindly been provided free of charge by Maidenhead Aquatics and their supporting partner, Fluval. They have also sent us a series of weekly online instructional films and engaging worksheets that provide step-by-step lessons about how to set up an aquarium, add fish, and look after them on a day-to-day basis.

We’d like to thank Maidenhead Aquatics for helping us give our pupils this wonderful opportunity.

At Drove, we aim to give our children a direct understanding of the natural world around them. We are especially happy to be part of the Fishkeeper Fry project because it ties in so well with this aim.

Recently, we also started the Garden to Table project, in which we teach our pupils how to grow and prepare food from scratch. Both of these initiatives help our pupils gain a better understanding of the world around them and learn how to take responsibility for long-term projects.

Furthermore, both of these initiatives also complement our pupils’ understanding of science, giving them a real context for the principles they learn during lessons.

Our year 3s have had a great time so far. We’ll be providing another update when the project is finished, so keep an eye out on our blog and social media accounts!

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