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School Parliament

At Drove Primary School, we feel it is very important for children to understand their rights and their responsibilities as members of both the school and the wider community. In order to give pupils a voice within the school, they demonstrate the power of their voice through speeches. One child from each class is then elected, by their peers, to become representatives on the school parliament for that year.

Members of the school parliament are expected to exhibit the highest standard of behaviour and attitude, in and out of school, in order to act as role models to other children. They also get the chance to meet with adults within the school to voice their opinions and ideas to keep the school moving forward. They take part and contribute with activities that support the wider community around us.

The voices for our Pupil Parliament this year are:

Year 6:

  • Pranjal
  • Saket
  • Declan

Year 5:

  • Atharva
  • Sartak
  • Arnav

Year 4:

  • Shanaya
  • Imogen
  • Sainthavi

Year 3:

  • Rahmatullah
  • Kanishkaa
  • Yukhta

Year 2:

  • Ivana
  • Ayesha
  • Aashvi

Year 1:

  • Britney
  • Mayuresh
  • Gunvi

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