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Drove’s 4 Golden Threads

Intent Implementation & Impact

At Drove Primary School we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly through a values based, language-rich and flexible knowledge-engaged approach to teaching and learning.

Our 4 Golden Threads are embedded throughout our curriculum to provide our children with experiences, skills and knowledge they need to achieve their full potential at Drove.

Curriculum Intent

Experience Rich Intent

Our intent is for every child to be motivated, curious and excited in their learning and across all curriculum areas. Our intent is for our curriculum to provide all children with an invitation to learn and a breadth experiences that enriches their learning and enables them to transfer their skills across all curriculum areas.

Knowledge and Skills Intent

As our children are experience impoverished it means that we need to have a knowledge rich and factually rich curriculum with tangible links to their lived experiences in order to bring the curriculum alive. With this knowledge our intent is for children to develop mastery across the curriculum. To do this, children are taught carefully planned and sequenced knowledge in each curriculum subject alongside the skills needed to apply this knowledge in order to be successful.

Language Rich Intent

Our intent is for all children to acquire knowledge, develop their vocabulary and have to tools to communicate their ideas and learning effectively, both orally and in writing. In order to do this, our curriculum is planned to include high quality texts, real life and hands on experiences and creating a range of opportunities for all children to be immersed in and engaging with language.

Values and Community Intent

Most important of all that we do in this area is all about empowering and giving our children in this school the opportunity without option to have a voice and to use it powerfully. Oracy and pupil voice is therefore massively important to us. Oracy exposes language, vocabulary, thought, cultural capital and understanding to all. Our sentences and words open the window to our understanding and how individuals navigate the world. Disadvantaged learners need full immersion in rich conversation, be given permission to listen, encouragement to be heard and the safety to articulate understanding out loud.

Our intent is for all children to embrace and develop a shared set of values both British as prescribed by the NC and our own, complimentary set of values which each dovetails in intent with the other. We want all children to understand and take a pride in the communities that they are part of and the wider world and community which they will fast become an integral part of shaping by developing personal values to prepare them for life in an ever-changing and modern world.

Curriculum Implementation

Experience Rich Implementation

Our curriculum is exciting and engaging and encourages children to become independent learners through planned and sequenced lessons, this is done from Early Years to Year 6. We strive for our children to have positive and meaningful experiences and, wherever possible, this is done through visitor, trips and hands-on experiences that allows them to deepen their understanding, become inquisitive and apply their knowledge in different subjects and in different contexts.

Knowledge and Skills Implementation

Our flexible but predominantly Knowledge-Engaged approach to planning and teaching the curriculum allows subject champions to develop and shape the teaching and learning in their subject. Learning is carefully sequenced with frequent opportunities to revisit and build upon prior knowledge to ensure the needs of the children are met. Subject champions have developed clear curriculum maps for their subject which take in to account the need for a balance between skills, knowledge and mastery.

Language Rich Implementation

With the national curriculum as the starting point, we believe that our curriculum allows us to provide a range of opportunities for us to develop the language, vocabulary, writing and oracy experiences of our diverse community of children. In each year group, age appropriate but challenging high quality texts, visual stimuli and real-life experiences are used to stimulate conversation, generate writing opportunities and encourage a reading for pleasure. Where possible, cross-curricular links are established however explicit teaching of other subjects using a variety of stimuli is adopted when strong, appropriate links cannot be made.

Values and Community Implementation

As a school our ethos is built around a foundation of core values. These are the basis for the social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development of our children. Our values are: Respect; Trust; Caring; Resilience; Fairness, Responsibility; Forgiveness; Courage; Co-operation, Independence and Acceptance. Each month we consider a different value and embed this through:

  • Promoting a whole school policy
  • A programme of school assemblies which discuss monthly values and celebrates children who demonstrate the values
  • Class and whole school displays
  • Direct teaching and class discussion around each value
  • Staff modelling values through own behaviour
  • Ensuring that values are taught implicitly through every aspect of the curriculum

Curriculum Impact

Experience Rich Impact

By providing our children with positive and meaningful experience, will not only have an encouraging impact on their self-confidence, social skills and engagement, it will also have a greater impact on their vocabulary, language and communication, develop a deeper understanding of how and why things work and begin to understand themselves and how to develop relationships with others.

Knowledge and Skills Impact

It will be evident throughout planning and coverage trackers that knowledge, skills and concepts are layered and secured to ensure there is clear progression throughout all subjects. The impact is measured through regular curriculum tracking, book scrutiny and observations.

Language Rich Impact

We strive to ensure that our children’s attainment and progress in core and foundation subjects is in line with or exceeding their potential when we consider the varied starting points of our children. Through exposure to a range of language-rich stimuli, pupils develop their ability to use language to communicate and express ideas effectively, acquiring a wealth of vocabulary that is key to their learning and progress across the whole curriculum.

Values and Community Impact

We want our children to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to become reflective learners and grow to be stable, educated, and civilised adults. We measure this not just by the work our children produce, but in the behaviours, we see each and every day in all learners on the playground, in corridors, and in the many roles we give them. The impact of this intention is seen in the daily interaction of all members of our community, including all adults, children, and parents.

Curriculum and Coverage by Year Group

Nursery Coverage 22-23 Download
Reception Coverage 22-23 Download
Year Group On A Page - Year 1 Download
Year Group On A Page - Year 2 Download
Year Group On A Page - Year 3 Download
Year Group On A Page - Year 4 Download
Year Group On A Page - Year 5 Download
Year Group On A Page - Year 6 Download

Early Years

Early Years Intent Download
Reception Intent Goals Download

Progression of Skills by Curriculum Areas

Art Skills Progression Map Download
Computing Skills Progression Map Download
Early Years Physical Development Skills Progression Map Download
Geography Skills Progression Map Download
History Skills Progression Map Download
MFL Skills Progression Map Download
Music Skills Progression Map Download
PE Skills Progression Map Download
PSHE Jigsaw Skills Progression Map Download
RE Skills Progression Map Download
Rocket Phonics Progression Map Download
Science Skills Progression Map Download


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