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Year 4 Class Update Term 1

20 September 2018
Year 4 Class Update Term 1

Week One

Year four have had a fabulous, busy 3 days in week 1! We first discussed what we had done over the summer holidays- a few of the children have been preparing for swimming in Term 2 by going to the leisure centre and practising swimming underwater and independently!

We have focused on Values for Britain and settling into our new classes for the first three days. Year four have enjoyed learning about the five British values- democracy, tolerance towards others faiths and religions, the rule of law, mutual respect and individual liberty. A highlight of the week was creating our own questions which we made into a debate and a vote. We used this week as an opportunity to vote for our student parliament. Children were asked to create speeches to present to the class to explain as to why they wanted to be school councillor. It was lovely to see so many children full of enthusiasm whilst giving their speeches.

For the rule of law, we created our own laws and thought about how we would present them to Mrs Swanson. We learnt how the houses of parliament were ran and how new laws go through different stages, before being singed off by the queen.

Year four also began practising their handwriting skills ready for a brand new year on Monday!

Week Two

In week two Year 4 have started to explore our new topic of the Ancient Greeks and children have been very keen to share their knowledge. We were able to identify where Greece was using an atlas and explored the Greek settlement.

In Maths this week we have been looking at place value! Children have been trying extremely hard to explain their thinking using key vocabulary. We have also been exploring roman numerals in maths which has challenged our thinking. A highlight of the week has been in English reading the story of the ‘The Amazing Battle of Theseus and the Minotaur’. Children have been aspiring to improve their work by using expanded noun phrases and improving their adjectives using the thesaurus.

In PE the children have been really excited to start tag rugby and have made an excellent start to the new unit. We can’t wait to see them in action again!

Week Three

Year 4 have continued to focus on writing to entertain in English and have begun to write descriptions about Ancient Greece and mythical creatures, taken from our class book. Children have been challenged to include all skills they have learnt whilst being in year 4, such as expanded noun phrases, up-levelling adjectives- using a thesaurus as well as, co-ordinating conjunctions used to extend a sentence and have begun to look at prepositional phrases, which can be used as fronted adverbials!

In Maths, children have been learning how to interpret numbers on a number line up to 10,000, this proved challenging but after a whole MOT (maths on track) session on this, children were able to successful do so. Also, children have been focusing on the number system and consolidating counting in multiples of 6,7 and 9. We used the hand method for our 9 times tables to help us see it. Children focused on sequences of these multiples, learning tricks in order to learn their times tables.

We have been continuing with our focus on understanding the meaning of words found in the different books we have read. Children were able to ask questions about words they found within the text and use them in a real-life context.

In PE, we have been continuing with our invasion games of tag rugby. This week, we introduced a competition element into PE where children worked in teams to tag their rugby ball past their opponent.

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