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Our Staff

At Drove Primary School, we have some of the finest teachers and teaching staff in the country. They are highly motivated, committed, and passionate about providing our pupils with the best education possible.

"Our staff are committed to achieving excellent outcomes for all pupils at Drove."

Mrs Helen Swanson
Mrs Helen Swanson Principal

Leadership Team

Mrs Helen Swanson Principal
Mr Scott James Assistant Principal
Mrs Bryony Bardwell Assistant Principal


Mrs Jodie Lane Nursery (Blue) Teacher
Ms Nicoleta Sheen Nursery (Yellow) Teacher
Miss Lucy Bailey Year 1 Teacher
Miss Hollie Fidler Reception Teacher
Mr James Bowers Reception Teacher and Head of Early Years
Miss Sophie Heeks Year 2 Teacher
Mr Craig Roberts Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Karen Waller Year 5 Teacher
Miss Alice Price Year 5 Teacher
Miss Amrita Sulh Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Emma Rudman Year 2 Teacher
Mr Michael Knight Year 3 Teacher & Head of Lower School
Miss Abby Picton Year 2 NQT
Miss Caroline Crow Reception NQT
Miss Stacy Blissett Year 4 NQT
Mrs Sarah Cuming Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Anna Vernon Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Hannah Truman Year 6 Teacher & Head of Upper School
Miss Sinead Sexton Year 3 NQT
Miss Roxanna Gheorge Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Richardson Nursery (Green) Teacher
Miss Abigail Mansi Year 1 Student Teacher
Miss Tara Smith Year 1 NQT
Mrs Eleanor Hughes Year 1 Teacher
Miss Grace Goodier Year 3 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Rosalina Carvalho De Sousa Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie Gadd Nursery (Yellow) Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helgard Sheikh Nursery (Green) Teaching Assistant
Mr Ian Young Nursery (Yellow) Teaching Assistant
Mrs Chelsie Cordial Nursery (Blue) Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bernadette Howell Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Shirley Flippence Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mr Andrew Bilko Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Avril Adams Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lorraine Bloor Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss Subina Khatoon Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Priya Gohil Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jacqueline Johnson Dyslexia Support
Mrs Sharon Orbasli Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kelly Reynolds Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Christine Mudge Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Martha O’Rourke Nursery (Green) Teaching Assistant
Mrs Heather Rama Nursery (Yellow) Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rachael Cooper Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Andrea Morava Reception Teaching Assistant
Ms Marketa Khan Nursery (Green) Teaching Assistant
Miss Felicity Coster Nursery (Yellow) Teaching Assistant
Miss Ellie Cresswell Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Maria Horton Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Ms Barbara Anscombe Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Caroline Barnby Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Ms Maria Pereira Reception Teaching Assistant
Ms Sandra Gonsalves Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Ms Javaria Qai Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jackie Hanley Learning Mentor
Mrs Louisa Kwakye Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Salma Talib Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Miss Karolina Lazeka Nursery (Blue) Teaching Assistant
Mrs Joann Fuller 1:1 TA
Ms Carmen Norris TA
Mr Liam Shortridge 1:1 TA
Ms Anaelu Garcia-Magallanes 1:1 TA
Miss Rebecca Gault Nursery TA


Mrs Beki Renowden SENCO

Family Support Worker

Ms Kate Rowland Family Support Advisor

Senior Pupil Services Officer

Mrs Ruth Ainsworth Senior Pupil Services Officer

Pupil Services Administrators

Miss Lumina Gonsalves Pupil Services Administrator
Mrs Penelope Hooper Pupil Services Administrator
Miss Bethany Ellis Pupil Services Administrator

IT Support

Mr Rhys Jones IT Support


Miss Nadia Salam MDSA
Mrs Sarika Sharma MDSA
Mrs Marilyn Lawrence MDSA
Mrs Cardoso Baldino MDSA
Ms Anaelu Garcia-Magallanes MDSA
Ms Koyel Bhowmik MDSA
Ms Mary Nowogrodzki MDSA
Ms Nuzat Jahangir MDSA
Mrs Lyndsay McAdam MDSA


Mr Donald Masters

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