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Year 4 - Term 1 2017-18

During Term 1 we have studied British Values. Children have taken part in debates, where they have made their own laws up and then decided which laws they wanted to pass. The ice-cream law in particular was a favourite. We have also spoken about our value for respect. Children were able to explain a time when they have been respectful, demonstrated respect and have identified how they will show others respect in and out of school.

In Maths the children took part in challenges- children worked together as teams to solve various Maths questions whilst showing their method of working it out. We covered what we knew on ‘more than’ and less than and even had a go at using Roman Numbers in our number sentences. We have been doing our 6, 7 and 9 times tables, we have experimented with songs, chants and even using our fingers to find different methods to help use remember and recall multiples of 6,7 and 9.

Year 4 have been learning to count in multiples of 25. Children have found patterns and sequences which have supported their learning when doing this. Also, children have been identifying negative numbers and using them in a real life context. We have introduced children to the use of thermometers and have been using these to find the difference in temperatures.
If children would like to continue with extra maths at home, we would recommend children practise their 6 times tables and counting in multiples of 25 to secure their knowledge. We have been learning the value of decimals. We started off with identifying the value of the tenths column with our place values grid and then moved onto identifying decimals and ordering decimals. Children were able to order decimals up to two decimal points.

We were practising adding two digit numbers to two digit numbers using our place value! If children would like to continue with extra Maths at home, we would recommend children practise their 6 times tables and ordering decimals up to two decimal places to secure their knowledge.

We have been practising our rounding skills in Maths. We rounded to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We also learned how to add 1000 to any number in our heads straight away! It was tricky but we remembered out place value (Thousands, hundreds, tens and ones).

In English we have been using expanded noun phrases and thesauruses in order to improve our adjectives. This has led to some really exciting, fabulous work. We have been writing recounts this week using expanded noun phrases (such as the adorable, fluffy dog) time conjunctions (in the blink of an eye) and fronted adverbials. Our teachers are very proud because they have noticed some real improvement in our writing.

We have been sticking with our theme of writing to inform in English! Children have used their skills and knowledge that they have learnt over the last few weeks and started to research and write their information texts. Children have continued to work really hard with fronted adverbials and conjunctions of time.

In English, we had an earthquake happen over break time in our classes! It was so scary but also very exciting. We had to write a recount about the event using the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why) and also including expanded noun phrases (terrifying, colossal earthquake) and fronted adverbials (When we walked in the classroom) We then spend some time this week really practising our letter formation and handwriting as this was requested during parents’ evening meetings across all three classes.

We have been sticking with our theme of writing to inform in English! Children have started to identify features of newspapers! We have been learning about inverted commas and using our speech sandwiches to write conversations relating to natural disasters. Children have learnt the five main speech sandwich punctuation! Children have really focused on their presentation and handwriting.
If children would like to continue their work at home, we would recommend children practise their handwriting as this is a big focus in year 4. We will be continuing with our theme of newspapers for another week, it would be ,lovely for children to bring in some newspapers at home so they are able to see the layout ready for their assessment writing piece!

We kicked Science off with an experiment outdoors which was to identify if something was living or not. Children have begun to learn the process of a food chain and the characteristics of different animals. This has helped them to structure their food chains when being presented with a range of different animals and being able to differentiate them.

We had a think about the environment around us and what we can do to make sure animals stay safe. We had a look at the school pond and sketched it in our science books.

Children are loving PE this term! We have stuck with our topic lessons of ‘natural disasters’ and children have been forming dances based on natural disasters! This week children practised counts of 8 and being volcanos! We did some ‘Harry Potter yoga!’ Children learnt various yoga moves whilst listening to Harry Potter! Some children were able to balance for long periods of time!

During Term 1 the teachers held a Parents Meeting to give everybody the opportunity to ask any questions they had about their children’s learning.

Key points to note:

  • Reading is to be done 4 times a week. The children will be set a book on Reading Eggs but they Parent/Carer still must sign to say their child has read at least four times. This is a school focus and so it is crucial this happens every week.
  • Homework is also non-negotiable, it will be set on a Friday and is expected to be in on a Wednesday. If a child is not sure, they can ask their teacher for help on a Monday or a Tuesday and we will be more than happy to help.
  • Uniform- Black trainers are not acceptable for school so please ensure your child has appropriate footwear.

After parents evening, we have had a lot of parents ask us about the reading eggs. Ever week, children will be set a different book which must be completed. Every time you sit and hear your child read, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and then we can pick any improvements up and support the children in class.

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